Want to Work With Moiré? - Moiré Investment
Influence wise women of power/leadership to properly invest in themselves by bridging the gap between their talent/passion & profitable online space.
Basic Web development, Invest in your self, Investing, money management, profitable online platforms, passive income, blogging, learn to blog, Make money online,
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Want to Work With Moiré?

Services Offered

All services are “Starting At” the prices below. Send an email to Info@MoireInvestment.com for an accurate price quote depending on your needs.


Website Set-up
WordPress Platform/Your own Web Hosting
Website created using Wordpress.org/Includes template setup
Self Hosted Website Created
Must provide content and pictures
WordPress.org platform used
No coding or computer programming used
WordPress template setup
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In Class Teaching
Need a one on one class taught?
Private basic web development class taught to 25 students
Learn all about web hosting
How to choose a web hosting service provider
How to navigate the cPanel
How to navigate the file manager
How to install WordPress 4 different ways
How to navigate the admin site and dashboard
How to select and customize a theme
How to download plugins
Recommended Plugins
How to download and set up Woocommerce
How to set up a portfolio
How to set up a blog
How to sign up for Adsense
How to add Adsense to your website
Recommended websites to enhance your website
(Graphics, services, email automation, and technical help)
How to proof your site and get ready to launch to the public
Tips to make a profitable site
USB with class materials to take home
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