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5 Ways I Changed My Mindset About Money

5 ways I changed my mindset about money

My goal is to be a BILLIONAIRE!


But it wasn’t until recently when I changed my mindset about money and actually wanted to obtain such a huge goal.  Earlier this year all I wanted to do was make $6K a month and live comfortably in a nice home. Now my eyes are open to the world and I want to do way more than that.


Do you want to learn 5 things I did to change my mindset about money?


Do you feel you are destined for something greater but don’t know how to get started?


The mission of Moiré Investment is to build the bridge between being broke and becoming financially free. Moiré Investment is created to simplify the aspect of becoming financially free. There is a major difference between being broke and being poor. Being broke is a temporary moment in life. Being poor is a permanent mindset. Which one are you? 


Moiré Investment is going to help you understand which category you fall into so you can better prepare yourself for something greater.


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